I want to know about you but first its fair you know a little about me


My name is Giles Bracher, I am an English photographer with over 25 years experience in the media industry and I photograph destination weddings all over the world, but specialise in venues around Andalucia in Southern Spain.

Through pictures I communicate with the world, but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I first picked up a camera, then at school I achieved my photography “A” level before I passed English or Math “O” level!  Skip thirty plus years and I am now privileged to have photographed all over the world with clients including, Amir Khan (Boxer), Natalie Pinkham, (Television presenter), Sam Branson (son of Sir Richard Branson) and Hello Magazine, as well as many others not in the public eye.

There I take great pride in the trust of my clients to photograph their wedding, and in their joy at receiving the unique and memorable photographs I create.


Since my first wedding shoot when I was 16, oh okay, I was one of the guests that took pictures, it was my cousins wedding they had a professional to shoot as well, but I understood then, that wedding photography like a good film is about telling a story.

It is that love of pictures and storytelling that has taken me on my journey! I’ve studied photography, film and TV at college, followed by a career as an award winning film editor, working on documentaries and Natural History programmes for the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic Channel. One of the last broadcast jobs I did was with the Volvo Ocean Race, which is how I discovered the amazing light in Spain.

I will tell the truth, it wasn’t my burning ambition to be a wedding photographer. I fell in to shooting weddings professionally quite by accident.  I was on an extended holiday in Tarifa, Southern Spain doing what I love second, windsurfing. When my partner a wedding planner, asked me to shoot a small last minute wedding in Gibraltar, her regular photographer was already booked. After much protesting, I agreed and the rest as they say is history.

This unexpected and unplanned carrier change has sent me off around the world again, meeting wonderful and interesting people of all walks of life, Royalty, the rich and famous, couples, fun and exciting, families, loving and kind, It has been my great joy to tell their story with my photographs.

I would be really excited to hear about your story and create for you your wedding photographs. Please do drop me a line from the link below for a chat.