Wedding Photographer in Gibraltar

A little bit of England in the sun. Inspirational wedding photos from your wedding photographer in Gibraltar

I love being a wedding photographer in Gibraltar!  The weather is nearly always perfect! In 10 years I have got wet no more than twice!  The light is always changing throughout the day. It is the way the sun reflects on the ocean and the rock itself that makes it magical.  Another great thing about being a wedding photographer in Gibraltar is how close everything is. If I can sneak you away from your guests we can get amazing tropical photographs in the beautiful Alameda gardens and the spectacular ocean shots from stunning Mediterranean sea cliffs around the rock, all in under an hour.  Many of my clients choose to take extra time with me to visit a few more of the most stunning places that I have discovered in my time on the rock.

Here is a top tip!  Do you want the best photographs?  Make space in your day for an hour or so before sunset.  Drop me a line to find out when that might be on your wedding day.

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I don’t only shoot weddings, if you are interested you can see more of my work at SURGEMEDIA HERE