Winter Cave Wedding in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is well established as a major summer wedding destination, but there is a growing underground, and I mean that quite literally, movement that is making Gibraltar a spectacular winter wedding destination as well. 

taking your wedding Under Ground 

St Michaels Cave has been attracting travellers for thousands of years. Described by Homer the cave complex in Gibraltar was known to the Greeks, Romans & Phoenicians. We can’t say when the first ceremony took place in St Michaels cave. But we do know the Victorians regularly used the caves for underground weddings and parties. Today St Michaels Cave is one of Gibraltars major tourist attractions with over a million visitors a year, while also being a fully functioning auditorium for hire. 

This January Kat & Jorge booked the St Michaels Cave for their winter wedding.  As it was going to be dark directly after their wedding they elected to have some pictures taken around the Rock of Gibraltar before hand.  From the Rock Hotel where they were staying it is an easy wander into the Alameda botanical gardens. They make a beautiful backdrop all year round for wedding photography.  From there we went to Europa point, the most southerly tip of Gibraltar. I like to use the spectacular cliff top views across the Mediterranean as a back drop to my photos there. 

sunset & 100 candles

At sunset we arrived at the cave entrance half way up the rock. The small ceremony area had been decorated with a hundred candles creating a wonderfully romantic underworld setting for their private civil ceremony. After a champagne and quick whisky, we were able to roam around the cave to our selves. St Michaels cave is truly a neck straining wonder to behold. It is one of the most exciting as well as challenging locations have worked in.

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