Denise & Juergen at the End of the Known World

Gibraltar Registry Office, Then The World

Registry offices around the world are not often glamorous places. They are functional town or city venues, not much scope for gorgeous wedding photos. In a way the registry office in Gibraltar is no exception. It is small well appointed room in the heart Gibraltar town centre. The difference is the that Gibraltar town is very small and very picturesque. Many of the buildings date back to the golden age of the colonial architecture found all over the British empire. This historic back drop makes for wonderful and unusual wedding photography.

Being small, Gibraltar makes wedding photography really varied very easily, In 10 minutes from the city centre I can find my self with the a newly wed couple at Europa point looking across he Mediterranean ocean to Africa. As I did with Denise & Juergen following a few pictures in the old town after their Registry office wedding.

Europa Point, was once the landmark to seafarers known as the end of the known world. It has been a the symbol of a right of passage for millennia, and today is no exception though the right of passage being symbolic rather than literal. That aside it is the views that make it so special today.

There are many other fabulous locations around Gibraltar, if you would like to some ideas to add a little glamour to your registry office wedding in Gibraltar drop me a line on my contact page to find out more.



WEDDING VENUE: Gibraltar Registry Office



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