Wedding Photographer in the UK

No matter what the weather, photographs for a lifetime of memories. I’m also a wedding photographer in the UK

Yes I am sometimes a wedding photographer in the uk. It might seem like and odd things to say, but I’m mostly known for my work in Gibraltar & Spain. Nevertheless  have shot many weddings in the UK.  I have attended weddings in all kinds of exotic locations around the country. From private mansions and exclusive Mayfair clubs to dirty old barns as well as beautifully restored ones.  Museums and Zoos, in woods & Arboretums! Oh yes, and churches! Considering the weather I have attended a surprising number of beach weddings in the UK.

If you are getting married in the UK somewhere unusual and want amazing photographs of your big day drop me a line HERE

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I don’t only shoot weddings, if you are interested you can see more of my work at SURGEMEDIA HERE