GDPR compliant privacy policy

because it’s the law!


I collect your name so I don’t get my clients mixed up, your email address so I can communicate with you, your mobile number so I can call you to find you on the wedding day. I may ask for your best mans or mothers number as well just in case, (wedding dresses don’t have pockets!) I also store your wedding date so I know then to turn up. All of this is necessary for me to do my job.


When you contact me I ask that you fill in my contact form linked here which arrives in my inbox that is protected with an impossible to remember password. If you go ahead with booking me, I will store the information from the booking form you will fill in, linked here. This data is stored on my password protected computers. If you enquire but don’t book me, (of course you’re not going to do that are you?) Your personal data from your email will be deleted as though the whole encounter never happened.


I have a blog on my website where I showcase breath taking wedding photography. If you comment on it, everyone can see it, its great. But don’t write down your personal credit card details there, I do filter comments so I aim to catch anything that was unintended but just so that you know.


In all seriousness, if you have questions about how your personal data is handled, you can just drop me an email and I will quickly write something up. I’m happy to show you the information I have on you, and unsurprisingly it’ll probably be exactly the same thing you’ve told me. If some of the information is wrong, you have the right to correct it, and I would definitely recommend this because neither of us want me turning up at the wrong wedding! If you’d like me to delete all your personal data, you have the right to request it, but I wouldn’t recommend asking before your wedding otherwise….. well I may not be able to find you. I definitely need to know stuff about you to work for you. I do need to keep a copy of the booking form for seven years, just so that I can prove to the tax man your wedding was legit and that I was not money laundering for the drug barons.


The summary of this is that I’m just out tying to do the right thing. I will definitely use your email to email you about your wedding. I wouldn’t give your email out to anyone else, I won’t even give it to the another photographer who may be needed to attend your wedding with me! Though I might give them your mobile as a safety net, so they can find you as well.
I have no database with client emails, it sucks wedding photography is not a repeat business! I don’t send round robin Christmas messages or have any viagra to sell. I don’t share client details, I manage my business alone and only I have access to my computers. I do need to keep a copy of the booking form for seven years, just so that I can prove to the tax man your wedding was legit and that I was not money laundering for Sedan.

I have a feedback form that asks you for your thoughts and experiences having me attend your wedding and shooting your wedding photos. This kind of info was hopefully really helpful for your to find and choose me as your photographer, you aren’t obliged to fill it out and what you write in there may be edited into content for a blog feature or testimonial. Any and all information I request from you is entirely voluntary but greatly appreciated by the people like you trying to find the right wedding photographer.

Sometimes your wedding looks better than in the magazines, an independent wedding blogger or magazine, may ask my permission to give your wedding a spotlight. Nothing can happen without your consent so don’t worry you will have the choice. At the same time I can’t guarantee it will be a “Hello” front cover.


When it comes to photographs, the EU hasn’t been very specific about what all this means for working photographers coping out with the “need to demonstrate reasonable and legitimate use”. This is generally being interpreted as, a photographer needs to display their work to show their product to attract new business.

Copyright ownership of photographs is covered in my terms and conditions on my booking form. It does not affect your GDPR rights.

Click here to read my terms of business

This is how I use my photos to run my business. I show my work primarily on this website but also facebook and instagram. If you have got to this page you have probably looked at my photos of real weddings on these variously dubious platforms to get here. It is my job to make you guys look good, I hope you would be thrilled to share a few pictures, which is why I do ask couples to opt into this in my booking form, but you can always decide to keep your wedding private. At the end of the day I’m not a egotist that needs to post and get likes for every picture I shoot. I respect that some people don’t want to be on the Internet.

Sometimes wedding venues and suppliers see my pictures and go “wow I love that, its so beautiful can I put that on my website?” Usefully they have looked strait past you guys and are gufforing at the cake they made or the cool angle of the venue they run. Like me they are all trying to create the best possible experience for their clients, and I like to help people out. If you happen to be in the picture as well? It’ll never be without your consent. Bottom line… I won’t sell your wedding photos to the highest bidder.

I store my wedding photos on hard drives in a secret location that is locked when ever unattended. You are welcome to inspect it, but I will have to blind fold you so the location remains secret. I also store a copy of your wedding photos with an online gallery provider that is GDPR compliant. This gallery may ask for your details if you wish to order prints or other servises direct one line. That then becomes their GDPR compliance.


The new EU regulations require me to just do stuff that I was pretty much doing anyway but I have to tell you about it. I guess the purpose is for you to know I’m ok and can be relied on if you change your mind about anything to do with the info you have shared with me.

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