Wedding Photography Questions

& Answers

Where are you based?

Couple asking Questions at sunset wedding photoshoot


Tarifa, Spain for the summer wedding season (I travel to shoot) and Bristol, England for the winter

Do you travel for weddings?


Yes of course

Are there travel costs for weddings you shoot.


I do not charge for my time to travel. But there may some expenses, Check with me for our wedding destination.

Will you photograph our wedding in the uk?


If like me you prefer to talk rather than read let me know

I’d love to, drop me a line to check my availability

Can we meet before our wedding?


Yes, I really hope so! I like to meet every couple either through Skype or in person, depending on what’s best for you.

How soon do we get our photographs?


In high season, within 6 weeks. Usually sooner.

How do we get our photographs?


Via a beautiful online gallery, with a secure and personalised link and password, for you to view, download and share.

How many pictures do we get?


You get them all, I don’t limit the number of pictures you get.

Will you shoot our wedding?


Yes I will be your wedding photographer

Do you work with an assistant?


Generally not, I prefer to work unobtrusively with the minimum fuss. But for big weddings with more than 130 guests I recommend an extra photographer to make sure I get great pictures of every one through your day. Drop me a line to find out more.

How do we book you?


A signed form and along with the booking fee. Please see my terms and conditions for more information.

Can we print our own photos?


Yes of course. You can order prints direct from your gallery or you can print them on your own.

Do you have backup cameras and liability insurance?


Yes and yes.

Do you do engagement shoots?



How much do you charge?


Contact me with some details about your wedding so that I can send you relevant info to start the conversation

My questions is not here

Drop a note from the link below and I’ll get back to you asap.

What Clients Say

Sotogrande wedding
The Wedding of Mike & Carrie

“I could go through them again

& again!!”

“already in tears (of happiness!)”

“These are quite fantastic –

we Love them”

Oh Giles,

They are fantastic!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

They are amazing! I’m only half way through and already in tears (of happiness!). Thank you for getting them done so quickly. There is a very happy mother back home in Oz!

Luke and I will pour over them this weekend.

Can’t wait!!!

Hi Giles

We’ve finally been able to look through all the photos, been a busy day… They are fab! Such fun and so many great ones, I could go through them again and again and again!!

Thanks so much.

Dear Giles

These are quite fantastic – we Love them. Such wonderful angles and really thoughtful and sensitive photographs.

They are truly stunning.

Thank you for your hard work. x

Emma (& Rory!)


Candice x

Mother of the Bride