Allason & Cath a Spanish Beach Wedding

Sea, Sun, Sand, & a same sex civil partnership

I love shooting a beach wedding. There is something so special about having a wedding by the sea, it creates such a magical vibe. One fun aspect about beach weddings too, is that because beaches are public spaces you often have beachgoers and onlookers sharing in the moment as well, which although might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it really can add a sense of warmth to the occasion. Cantarrijan beach where I shot this wedding, has a large nudist area, which made for some funny, accidental nudist shots. But don’t worry I’ve not included them in this post!

As a photographer, I’ve been honoured to photograph so many different types of weddings and meet so many different couples, and it is always a privilege to capture a same sex wedding and to witness the love that two people have for each other, especially when not so long ago their relationship would have been frowned upon and not even legally permitted. Now that civil partnerships and gay marriages are legal in most European countries, it really is so wonderful to see more and more same sex couples taking in part in really heartfelt and unique ceremonies. And I found this was the case with Alison and Cath, a couple who are obviously used to breaking moulds and to living their lives in exactly the way they choose and their beach ceremony was the perfect example of this. I mean, who else arrives at their wedding by pedalo!!

wedding weekend

The fun couple split their wedding celebrations over two days, in order to make the most out of the beach and the surrounding areas. They had their ceremony on Cantarrijan beach first day and followed up with a fantastic pool party reception for family and friends in a villa in nearby La Herradura. Allison and Cath had specifically asked me to make the most of the golden hour, the hour before sunset, where the absolutely stunning light on the Costa Tropical is quite famous through out Spain. I love this part of the day when Mother Nature puts on her show, illuminating the stunning natural beauty all around.

All in all, I’m really pleased with how the photos turned out and I think I really managed to capture not just the amazing celebrations that Allison and Cath organised for their friends and family but also all of the emotions and their personalities, which really shone through.

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Venue: Restaurante la Barraca, Cantarrijan Beach

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