Keith & Dru Elope in Rock Style

elegance in Gibraltar, black tie & a Rolls Royce

How does one elope with elegance in “Rock Style”? Simple, Rock Style is your style, whatever floats your boat! When it comes to elopements in Gibraltar pretty much anything goes! Fashion wise that is. I have photographed every out fit style you would care to mention from shots & T-shirt to ball gowns & black tie. Here are some wonderful photos of just such an occasion.

American Elopers Keith & Dru really went for it. With just a party of four, Bride & Groom accompanied by the bride’s daughter as maid or honour and her partner acting for the groom as best man. Doing it in style was in order for the day. All were dressed in long evening dress and Black tie, to finish off the look they rented a Rolls Royce to waft them around the Rock for our photoshoot at the numerous spectacular locations around Gibraltar. For more info about my “A Tour Of The Rock” Wedding photoshoot option Click Here.

the wedding

The Civil Ceremony was open air, held in the beautiful Alameda gardens. From there we went to Europa Point with is spectacular views across to Africa. On next the the runway, yes you did read right! The runway is a very popular location for a quick photo. Not only does it have a spectacular view of the rock making a perfect back drop, but John Lennon & Yoko Ono famously had their photo’s taken here. Some couples elope to Gibraltar with the primary reason of getting the same shot!

After a brief stop at the runway we drove on to the centre of the old town of Gibraltar with its shabby chic old Colonial architecture. On seeing a local pub Keith insisted he needed refreshing, Much to the hilarity of the two locals sat at the bar.

Gibraltar is a very welcoming place, and there is the strong Mediterranean culture of family and marriage here. Weddings are widely loved and celebrated, onlookers enthusiastically shout encouragement to newlyweds. Congratulations, cheers, whistles and car horns sound when ever there is a wedding, even if the couple are complete strangers.

If you want to cheered in the streets in you finest look no further than Gibraltar for your wedding elopement. Drop me a line to capture every moment forever.

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