My “Paper” Wedding Photography Package

what do you get?

I’m often asked by clients, what they will get from one of my Gibraltar “Paper” wedding photography packages.  One answer is this!  The wedding below gives a great idea of how to make the most of my two hour “Paper” package. 

Because Gibraltar is so small it is possible to get married and take great photos in several different locations, all in a two hour photo session.  This possibility has not gone unnoticed by couples wanting to break the mould for their wedding day. They want exciting and varied pictures to share with friends and families when they get back home. Without a large entourage it is easy for me and my eloping clients to do just this, and in a short time frame.

Wedding Photography Package For Your To Elope

Barnaby & Megan got married in the Dell, a beautiful quiet spot in the Alameda gardens in middle of Gibraltar.  This is a private part of the gardens set aside for marriages. Access is only possible by booking your wedding there.  The tropical trees and plants from around the globe make the Dell the most beautiful place to get married in Gibraltar.  You can find out more about the getting married in the gardens here. The wider public gardens them selves are a spectacular location for pictures, even if you get married some where else. They are always on my list of top places to visit in Gibraltar. 

From the gardens we and their 3 friends went to a secret little spot I know. It gives wonderful access to the sea. The area is firm under foot, suitable for high heals and long dresses. In the summer and is not rammed with sun bathers like all the beaches. We finished at Europa point, the most southerly tip of Gibraltar. There is a light house and there are often commanding views across to Africa. Though today was a little hazy. In return we were blessed with the sight of a tuna hunting at high speed. On other occasions dolphins have put on a show.

This was such a fun wedding shoot, the energy and excitement of every one literally jumps out of the pictures. 

There are of course many more locations to visit around Gibraltar for great wedding photos. Do get in touch to find out wedding photography package is right for you. 



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