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mixed nationality marriages made simple in Gibraltar

Mixed Nationality Marriages are one of the most important aspects of weddings in Gibraltar. The Marriages charter granted to Gibraltar allows any two people (entry visas providing) to legal marry. It is not often realised around the world that the union of mixed nationality couples is not very easy. There are many more legal and financial hoops, to tie their knot, an international couple have to jump through.  So It is of no surprise that many of Gibraltars newly weds travel here to take advantage of the simplified legal regulations. 

To fully understand what requirements you have to follow I highly recommend you contact the Registry Office direct. I have added a link to their webs site below. Alternatively seek the services of one of Gibraltars really helpful wedding planners. They will take care of all the technical details for you.  

The Registry Office in Gibraltar is the simplest way to get married. It is Ideal for Elopers Peoter & Fara who came to Gibraltar with their two sons. With family dotted around the globe they decided to have a series of celebrations with different family members rather than ask everyone to travel to them. First stop Gibraltar for the legal wedding. With no need for a large venue, they opted for the Registry Office, a smartly appointed room in Gibraltar’s Government offices in the heart of the old town. 

about the photography

Peoter & Fara booked my paper wedding photography package through “Hour Weddings”, one of Gibraltars well established wedding planners. After their wedding we strolled from the registry office around the Old town of Gibraltar to take some pictures. After we took a taxi to the lighthouse at Europa Point in the south of Gibraltar. Then finishing the short 2 hour photo session at the runway. It is here, where it could be said eloping to Gibraltar first because fashionable.  This is where the famous photograph of John Lennon & Yoko Ono had their picture taken after eloping to Gibraltar. They also chose bypass the legal bureaucracy in the UK. 

To find out more about my different wedding photography packages drop me a line on the contact page here. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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